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Excel add-in

for Financial and Investment sector




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Project length: 6 months

Goal: to revolutionize the way financial modeling and analysis are conducted. It aims to bridge the gap between traditional Excel-based modeling and more systematic approaches, allowing analysts to generate precise price estimates by combining their insights with external data.

Challenge: Firstly, no such application existed at the time. Creating this innovative app presented the challenge of introducing novel concepts to users accustomed to traditional methods. Secondly, I wasn't initially familiar with finance. Before embarking on the project, I needed to acquaint myself with the relevant terminology and continue doing so as I worked on it.


01 Interview with an Analyst

During the early stages of this project, I engaged in a detailed conversation with a seasoned financial analyst.

This interview served as a crucial stepping stone in shaping the direction of the application. By delving into their workflow, pain points, and aspirations, I gained valuable insights that laid the foundation for the app's design and features

02 User Stories 

Following interviews with analysts, I initiated the creation of user stories to capture their requirements and shape the app's design. Simultaneously,

I began sketching the data architecture, ensuring smooth integration of external data for precise modeling outputs

Braidwell - user stories.jpg



01 Wireframes and app flow

With a deep understanding of user requirements, I transitioned to crafting wireframes and outlining the app's flow. These visual representations depicted the placement of essential elements and the user journey, ensuring a clear and intuitive interface. By mapping out each screen's structure and navigation, I laid the groundwork for a seamless user experience.

Braidwell - wireframes.JPG
Braidwell - wireframes2.jpg

02 UI - Transforming Vision into Design

Building on wireframes and flow design, I jumped into UI design. Blending elegance with modern aesthetics, I carefully selected colors, fonts, and interactive elements

to capture the app's essence. Prioritizing simplicity alongside style, this approach resulted in a design that appealed visually but also seamlessly navigates users through the financial modeling journey.

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