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Responsive Web Design For Zoology Sector

My role: UX Designer, UX Researcher

Project Background
Together in a team of 3 we have received a task to analyse dog behaviorist market, find out what are the issues with the service, provide solution and present UI proposal.

1. Research
2. Ideation
3. UX Market Analisys

4. Modeling
5. Prototyping

1. Research
We have selected for interviews 6 dog owners:
- 4 of them that have used behaviorist services (how was the experience?)
- 2 that looked for one but at the end didn't use the service (why not?)

Based on the interview answers we created a persona, empathy map, and user journey map, and have identified the following pain points:
-half of them lost money and time, because of low skills of behaviorists that wasn't able to solve a problem
-distant dates to book a meeting,
-high prices of the service,
-often the behaviorists were far away from clients' home - problem with transportation and time loss.

2. Ideation

With brainstorming session we had gathered solution ideas, grouped them into categories, and chosed the core of our project.

Since most of the issues could be solved with one particular solution we have decided to build a platform for video chats with behaviorists. Also we wanted to add features like rating and beaviorist-to-dog matching system.

3. UX Market Analisys
A platform like that (online video chat with dog behaviorists) didn't exist on Polish market, and worldwide we have found few, but with specialists from a particular school only - we haven't found direct competition.

Since we wanted to create interface as user friendly as possible we have looked for the most known and intuitive solutions.

In the UX Analisys we have focused on four: communication, specialist matching, rating, and progress monitor.

4. Modeling
With all the data gathered and analysed we have proceed with bulding user flows and wireframe flows, based on user scenarios. 

5. Prototyping

Finally we were ready to proceed with prototypes, starting with paper low-fidelity. high-fidelity and UI for the platform. All of the phases were tested with users, particulary UI with a help of an eye-tracker.

Brainstorm Psiuper.png
UX Analisys Psiuper.png
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